Looking for a job that is more than a job? And looking for meaning in your work?

西雅图 Pacific University is a place where people are putting their minds and hearts into equipping young people with the finest education available –– and the tools to make a difference in the world.


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Can a university change the world? At SPU, we believe this is an important question. It presses us to think about the purpose of 西雅图 Pacific University. It presses us to think about our 愿景 and our distinctive commitments. And we believe strongly that the answer to this question is an emphatic yes. 事实上, given SPU’s distinctive 愿景 and its clear Christian identity, we must seek to do nothing less than to make an impact in the world with good news.

西雅图 Pacific's 愿景 is clear, 计划已经到位, and an extraordinary team of people is already tackling the task. You may wish to consider joining this remarkable venture.


At 西雅图 Pacific University, we seek to ground everything we do on the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ. Such a claim is both personal, a commitment by each member of our community, 和机构, a corporate aspiration that has guided this institution from its founding. Even while we celebrate the rich diversity of the Church throughout the world, we anchor our faith on the person of Jesus Christ, the authority of Holy Scripture, and the tradition of the Christian Church throughout history.

Our mission at SPU is to engage the culture and change the world, 通过能力, 字符, 智慧, 和社区. We believe our faith in Jesus Christ is the informing and sustaining power through which we fulfill this distinctive calling.



西雅图 Pacific University provides a comprehensive 好处 package for eligible employees. This 好处 package is designed to provide additional support to employees as they work toward accomplishing the University's mission.

Benefits include medical, 牙科, 愿景, 人寿保险, acci牙科 death and dismemberment insurance, employee assistance program, Emeriti 健康 Solutions (retirement healthcare funding), and disability insurance coverage, along with a defined contribution retirement plan, flexible spending account options, 以及学费奖学金. There are additional voluntary 好处 available to employees at their own cost. 除了, the University has generous pro愿景s for family and medical leave, personal leave and other types of paid and unpaid leave.

了解更多详情 about applying for a position, 招聘政策, 好处, and other information provided by the SPU Office of Human 资源.

More 就业 Opportunities

学生就业 and Work-Study Opportunities
The Office of 学生就业 coordinates work study, helps students find part-time jobs, 和更多的.

就业中心 and 调用
Assistance for students with choosing a major; finding an internship; and other employment resources.

Career-enhancing programs and tools including job leads, networking opportunities, 以及职业咨询.